BlackBerry Bold 9930 9900 - I forget my smartphone password

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I forget my smartphone password

If you forget your BlackBerry smartphone password, it can't be recovered. If your smartphone uses a BlackBerry Enterprise
Server, your administrator might be able to reset your password without deleting your smartphone data. Otherwise, the only
way you can reset your password without knowing your current password is to delete all your smartphone data. You can do
this by exceeding the number of allowed password attempts.
If your email account uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, depending on the options that your administrator sets, when you
delete your smartphone data, you might also delete the data on your media card. For more information, contact your
Research In Motion recommends that you regularly create and save a backup file on your computer, especially before you
update any software. Maintaining a current backup file on your computer might allow you to recover smartphone data if
your smartphone is lost, stolen, or corrupted by an unforeseen issue.